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With a coaching experience spanning two decades, I have dedicated my life to track and field, honing my expertise in the art of sprinting. Throughout my career, I have proudly cultivated a legacy of producing some of the swiftest sprinters in Louisiana, many of whom have ascended to the pinnacle of success as state champions, national champions, and even world champions. My approach to nurturing exceptional sprinters begins with the establishment of a robust foundation built upon sound mechanics, unwavering strength, and unparalleled agility. By employing a tried-and-true process of periodization training, I have witnessed the transformative power it holds in molding athletes into their optimal form, solidifying its position as an indisputably effective methodology.

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Track is undeniably one of the most underrated sports, often overshadowed by other popular athletic disciplines. While camps and specific training programs are readily available for numerous sports, it is disheartening to see the lack of such opportunities for track athletes. However, 153 Athletics is determined to bridge this gap and level the playing field. We recognize the advantage that athletes from other states might have due to specialized training, and our mission is to provide comprehensive camps and training programs specifically tailored for track and field. We believe that every track athlete deserves equal opportunities to develop their skills and reach their full potential. With 153 Athletics, you can now access the training you need to excel in the sport you love.

153 Athletics offers comprehensive year-round training programs for track athletes. I understand the importance of off-season strength and conditioning, as well as specialized race-specific training for various events such as the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and hurdlers. My focus on off-season training allows our athletes to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. By building a solid foundation through my training programs, I can significantly enhance your sprinting ability. Moreover, I also provide in-season training to ensure that your performance is consistently maintained throughout the season. If you are serious about track and want to surpass the competition, call me today to embark on your journey with 153 Athletics.

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Coach Kris Lewis


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